Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wonder Wraps One-Size PUL diaper covers

I got some of these really cheap off the FSOT on For the most part these diaper covers do their job. I do get some leaks in these if I leave them on overnight. One thing I have heard as an issue on these covers is that the rise snaps dont work. Mine didnt but I used my snap pliers and pushed down on all the snaps and this solved the problem! they were not pressed down hard enough when manufactured! These work the best with fitteds IMO but work over prefolds as well :) I would reccomend these for babies 15lbs and up because I have never used them on a smaller baby..but they look like they would work! *PUL is not exposed and no gussets.*
My DS at 21m and 25ish lbs!:
wonder wraps OS cover

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