Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bum-Ware Extreme BWX AIO diapers

Ok so the BWXis the 1st diaper that I have disliked a lot. But I seem to be the only mama who has issues with this diaper! I bought a new one (the snap version) and prepped it. It was SUPER trim like a disposable almost but every time my son pee'ed in it the smell of urin was SO STRONG for some reason! He also leaked everytime he wore it (maybe I had one size too big??) around the legs. I havent seen any one with the same problems as me so it might be worth it for you to try out this diaper if your looking for a super trim AIO, but unfortanantly it didnt work out for me :( I did love the brown inner on the diaper that I had so that was a plus! I just wish the pee smell didnt get amplified by the diaper :(
overall I would say go ahead and test this diaper out..maybe get an EUC one on diaperswappers to see if it will work for you! there are some mamas in the Pink Room who swear by these :)

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