Saturday, May 23, 2009

Questionnaire for testers - Diaper by Just Tia on DS (she has a HC!! This is her Tester Question Form.
**overall i really liked the fit but my son was just too much of a super soaker for it for overnights, but if i changed him really soon after he was wet it was great. im hoping to test for her again soon!

Q) When you opened the poly mailer, what were your first thoughts?
**I was really impressed on how you packaged it with the card and little bow. That really says that you took the time to make the diaper well and you care about 1st impressions with your customers!
Front of Just Tias OS AIO
The diaper also looked tiny but it fit my DS perfect!

Q)Were you satisfied with the quality of materials and workmanship?
**Yes this diaper was very well made and held up even though I accidentally washed it with something that turned the underside of the fabric orange

Q)What size baby/babies did you test the diaper on?Were you pleased with the fit on your baby? Did the diaper seem comfortable to him/her?
**I used it on my 22-23lb 19m old son, it was too small for my 40lb 3 year old DD. The diaper was very comfy for him to run around in and very trim under clothing.
(sorry for the grainy cell phone pic)

grainy cell phone pic..sorry

Q)Did you experience any issues with leaks? If so, were the leaks from urine or poop? And where on the diaper did you experience leaks (leg, waist)?
**I did have quite a few leaks that felt like the pee was coming straight through the PUL or wicking really bad and it soaked the entire diaper. But then I added the extra soaker and that took care of most of the problems and he only leaked around the legs a little bit.
~~~ETA: I have been using this diaper for a while longer now and it no longer leaks as long as i don't leave it on too long and use the extra booster/soaker.

Q)Did you find the diaper easy to use? Was there anything about it that could be changed to make it easier or more convenient to use?
**The diaper was very easy to use, the only thing I would have changed as far as usage ease would be that you include directions of the ways to add the soaker in..i was confused but then figured it out :blush: also if u could add a snap for the tip of the insert to snap into the back where the insert starts so that its just looped over...that would help A LOT when your using a diaper sprayer and you don't have to worry about the insert end falling in the toilet repeatedly :)
~~~ETA: I figured out I could just take the snap for adding the extra booster and attach to the waist snaps and It solved that problem!

Q)Did you find the diaper easy to clean? Did you feel that the diaper dried in a reasonable amount of time after laundering?
**It was really easy to clean and I only had to dry it an extra time once because it was still really wet where the soaker/insert is sewn to the back of the diaper.

Q)In your opinion, is there anything that could be changed to improve the diaper's fit or function? If so, what?
**maybe some sort of gusset to help stop in between the legs leakage.

Q)If you were to see this diaper listed for retail sale, what would you expect a reasonable price to be?

Q)On a scale of 1-10, what would you rate your overall experience using this diaper? What most pleased/displeased you?
**I would have to say a fit awesome..i just had a leak every time he wore it(at 1st)..not as bad after i added in the extra soaker, but the awesome fit on him made up for that..just not a diaper I would have him wear outside of the home. I would really like to test for you again so I can see if the differences u make work out better for my DS. and I'm sure the results would be good for you too :) and just to let u know I love how u did the snaps! (all rainbow!!)

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