Saturday, May 23, 2009

MotherEase Fitteds!

I was skeptical of fitteds at first..I could not see why you would want a diaper that snapped on and looked like an AIO..but wasn't water proof! But then I got a cotton Motherease and realized how much faster it was than pre-folds and safer than prefolds w/a snappi when not using a cover. I have a cotton w/cotton snap in insert, and a bamboo w/organic cotton insert (they were out of bamboo). Both seem to work great for daytime use (im too scared to use overnight-i have a super soaker!) The bamboo is a lot softer than the cotton one, but the cotton one has been used before I owned it and been bleached (not advised by manufacturer). Im not sure how well these would work on a new-born but they have one rise adjustment and claim to be one size. Here are pics of a fully pee'd bamboo one (wont drip)! hehe:
motherease OS fitted Bamboo

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