Saturday, May 23, 2009

BGOS Organic AIO's

bumGenius Organic all in size
available at:Cotton Babies
I bought this diaper for $12 from the cotton babies seconds sale to test it out! It came to me as an aplix diaper but since it was a seconds I saw no harm in converting it to snaps!! This diaper works great and gets the job done but takes FOREVER to hang dry and 2+ dryer cycles on high (not even supposed to dry these above medium heat). They also stain easy IMO at least much easier than the pocket BGOS 3.0s that I have (fleece and suede-cloth). If you need a trusty AIO then this is a great diaper that is just trim enough to fit under a pair of jeans, but you have to be willing to wait for it to dry..that is my only complaint on this diaper :) Once it was prepped all the way I have had no leaks!!!!!! Overall I recommend if your wanting organic or AIO that is one size :) here is my still 25lb DS in mine that i converted to snaps:
BG OS organic altered to have snaps not aplix

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