Saturday, May 23, 2009

BGOS 3.0s

The most popular diaper in my stash is the bumGenius 3.0 one size pocket diaper! I have the suede cloth inner as well as the fleece. The fleece is awesome because it seems more cozy on the baby and a bit more stay-dry for their skin..but both hold up and hardly ever leak! (I am known to forget to change their dipes for 4 hours sometimes.. oopsie!) These are the top non-WAHM diaper I would reccomend to anyone! They get really small and from what I hear fit babies great from 10lbs-40lbs! My kids have had these from 20lbs-40lbs..wish i found them sooner!!! They even have some limited edition ones right now w/different colored wings!! too cute:
limited ed. spring
The aplix on these can get funky and curl funny so a lot of mamas convert these to snaps! here is a pic of a ratty old 2.0 version that i saved by converting to snaps and replacing the Velcro:
made cross over for infant mode
**you can also get Velcro replacments from cottonbabies..but i just prefer snaps :) easier to wash IMO

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