Saturday, May 23, 2009

Primm n Proper Baby or

First of let me say I LOVE LOVE LOVE Meaghan's Diapers! She makes my favorite Hemp AI2's! I have yet to try her AIOs but I'm Sure they are awesome and I will be buying one next and some of her trainers! So check back soon! (she also made me an awesome wallet out of a Ju-Ju-Be change pad)

The reason I love her hemp AI2's is because they ROCK for overnight use, and are still trim enough for day time use under clothes! They have an awesome fit (that doesn't leave major red marks) and she can make them with side or front snaps! (probably Velcro too if that's what you fancy)

This is my newest One Size Hemp diaper from her (she added a layer of fleece to the top layer against his skin and it came w/extra booster too):

PnP hemp Ai2

And here are some pics of my son in the diaper that made me fall in love! a sz 2 hemp AI2 (please note the snaps need to be one set tighter on each side..but I was lazy haha) He is 21m and 24-24lbs:
PnP baby hemp ai2 sz 2

She has a LOYAL customer in me!!!

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  1. You are too sweet - thanks for reviewing the diapers Stacy!