Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Snugs Boutique Medium-Large adjustable Bamboo AI2 Cloth Diaper

Snugs Boutique Med-Large Bamboo AI2's are the MOST TRIM diaper I have ever tried! And after prepping just once it lasted over 5 hours w/out any leaks! I was AMAZED! My son is a super soaker so when I realized I hadnt changed him in hours...I was prepared for a pee stain on my brand new $2,000 couch! (yay tax-return!)..but there was no leak...no wicking...nothing!!! I changed him and the diaper was heavy like it was full of pee...but it hadn't wicked at all! I was so impressed! This diaper is so trim like I said before..it is the same as a regular disposable diaper..but so soft on the inside like a brand new towel! I have washed it dozens of times and dried it and hand dried it and it still stays super soft! The top of the snap in soaker (snaps in on the front) is like a bamboo terry (natural colored) and the bottom is a microfiber layer). Im not sure how they do it but somehow this diaper is the trimmest Ive seen but can stand up to my son for daytime use! My son is super skinny for his years (or year hehe- hes 22m and 24ish lbs) and this diaper could use an extra set of snaps to get the waist tighter for him but it still works just fine..so im putting off adding snaps as they wont be hidden like the others..and I like the diaper too much to play DR on it! For overnights I just add in the usual hemp doubler for the whole length of the diaper and the smaller zorb insert for the wet zone and Im good to go for at least 10-12 hours! This diaper is trim enough u can add whatever insert doubler you baby may need! My son is 24ish lbs and I need to use it on the smallest rise setting and smallest waist setting to avoid this:
after 2 hours wings are drooping
But if u make sure you have the diaper on the correct rise setting that wont happen!!
Here are some more pics of my son in the diaper on the correct settings!:
fit right after put on BACK
SB right after put on ;)
SB smallest rise back
smallest rise SB

Sweet Pea One Size Pocket Diapers

for me this link is not working but if u want her email address for an order feel free to contact me if the link is not working for you!

I was so excited for these diapers to come in the mail! On first glance when they showed up they looked wonderfully made (and the blue color on one was sooo pretty! and different from BG colors so I was glad) and all the snaps worked perfect! I was pleasantly surprised to have my first pocket diaper w/an opening in the front, and an opening in the back! This was really helpful for adding just a small doubler for my sons "wet zone". The inserts that came with these diapers look about identical to the newborn and one-size microfiber inserts that come w/BG diapers, but the one size insert has yellowish snaps, so at least I can tell them apart, and the sweet pea insert is 2" shorter than the BG so its perfect because I always feel the BG are a bit too long. These diapers have a GREAT fit for my 24ish lb 22m old DS. The snaps are easy to use. I dont need to use the rise adjustment but I played around with it and the diaper gets nice and small for a young baby and still looks trim enough to use under clothes! I did have some leaking around the legs when I first started testing but that resolved with washing the inserts in hot water a few more times. The inner fabric of these diapers are fleece and I love that my sons bottom is dryer when I take off the diaper compared to some other brands. I have used these diapers overnight w/a joey bunz hemp insert on top of the regular, and a zorb doubler in his wet zone (use this combo for all overnights in any diaper)..my son is a SUPER soaker and in the morning he will only have a tad bit of wetness on the outside of the diaper on the side he was laying on...but this happens with ANY diaper because my son could put the fire department out of buisness with his super soaker self! And he is a boy so it dosnt help that he pees in only on direction! This diaper also dosnt leave red marks on his thighs so I love that! And I have never had a BM blowout either! All in All i would reccomend these diapers because they work great and the price is just as great!!! I tested 2 versions of this diaper and from my testing I cant find any difference in them so whatever except for the snap locations.. Any version you order/have you should be happy! From an e-mail from the creator:
The black one is the newer one except it now has the tabs and snaps of the blue. And she told me in another email that the newer ones have sandwich PUL :)
***I have also used this diaper w/out an insert or just w/the infant insert as a trainer for my 40lb 3 year old DD and it works great!
***The only thing that I had an issue w/this diaper was that it takes a couple seconds to get the inserts to lay flat in the pocket because the crotch is a bit more narrow than what Im used to..so this is a great diaper for skinny babies as well! (also works fine on my fatty of a 3 year old!)

Below: he is hanging off my arm..thats why his tummy looks funny :)
Below: I have the diaper one snap too tight to try to keep his hands out of his diaper...

The Fansy Pansy Cloth Trainer w/Stuffable Pocket!

This is a tester I got off diaperswappers! or u can go to her site http://hyenacart.com/thefancypansy/

1. What was your first impression of this item? Likes/dislikes?

* I thought it was HUGE!! But its just because I picked the wrong size for my 3 year old, but luckily I was in need of an overnight trainer for my 6 year old so it worked out perfectly!

2. How have you used this item

o as a soaker over a fitted, day use

o As a soaker over a fitted, overnight

o stuffed as an AIO

o stuffed for beginning PLing

o super stuffed for bed wetting

o slightly stuffed for advanced PLing

o unstuffed as undies with a bit of leak protection

X Other- I used it stuffed w/the included zorb insert for overnights for a 6 year old who dosnt always (or hardly ever haha) get up to use the bathroom at night.

3. How would you describe your child’s needs for this item? Beginning pl-ing? Occasional accidents? Bed wetting? Other?

*Bed wetting

4. What did you stuff the pocket with? (purchased insert, your own insert, etc)

* Puchased a Zorb insert to be included.

5. How was the fit, and how did the stuffing affect the fit? (Please include your child’s weight)

* It fit pretty well, Hes in the 50lbs range somewhere. I never tried it w/out stuffing it for him because we only need it for night time.

6. What did you like about this item in the function/s you used it for?

* It caught any overnight accidents/leaking and I didnt have to wash the sheets!!!

7. What would you like to see changed about this item?

* I think the product is perfect as it is but next time i might pick one w/a little bit shorter rise because he didnt like it.

8. How much would you be willing to pay for this item once it is out of the testing phase?

* around $20

9. How likely would you be to purchase this item again at regular retail price?

*Depending on cost, and how well it holds up through multiple washes :)

10. Any other comments or thoughts?

* I think its a super cute product and very well thought out! Now I just need to buy one for my daugter! (planning to do so asap! had one custom made!!!)


Here are pics of the trainer on Sage my 6 year old.