Saturday, May 23, 2009

BumGenius Diaper Sprayer toilet attachment VS. O'Blue Shower attachment

Some mamas love thisbumGenius diaper sprayer but for some reason I could not get this to attach to my toilet w/out it squirting a fine mist of water on my feet every time it I took it back figuring it was I used the money to buy this for half the cost!! This shower attachment dosnt have quite the power of the BG diaper sprayer..but the hose is long enough i can use it can be used in my shower and reach the toilet! I usually just soak my dirty diapers in a bucket in my tub and then spray off on laundry day then wash. The O'Blue does leak really bad out of the part where it attached to my shower head(also comes w/sink adaptor) but I twisted the attacment to where it sprays only inside the shower and on the curtain so my celing dosnt get wet and my floor wont as long as the curtain is shut :) (gave me a full refund for product and let me keep) I would reccomend both if u can get them to not leak!!!


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