Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Fansy Pansy Cloth Trainer w/Stuffable Pocket!

This is a tester I got off diaperswappers! or u can go to her site http://hyenacart.com/thefancypansy/

1. What was your first impression of this item? Likes/dislikes?

* I thought it was HUGE!! But its just because I picked the wrong size for my 3 year old, but luckily I was in need of an overnight trainer for my 6 year old so it worked out perfectly!

2. How have you used this item

o as a soaker over a fitted, day use

o As a soaker over a fitted, overnight

o stuffed as an AIO

o stuffed for beginning PLing

o super stuffed for bed wetting

o slightly stuffed for advanced PLing

o unstuffed as undies with a bit of leak protection

X Other- I used it stuffed w/the included zorb insert for overnights for a 6 year old who dosnt always (or hardly ever haha) get up to use the bathroom at night.

3. How would you describe your child’s needs for this item? Beginning pl-ing? Occasional accidents? Bed wetting? Other?

*Bed wetting

4. What did you stuff the pocket with? (purchased insert, your own insert, etc)

* Puchased a Zorb insert to be included.

5. How was the fit, and how did the stuffing affect the fit? (Please include your child’s weight)

* It fit pretty well, Hes in the 50lbs range somewhere. I never tried it w/out stuffing it for him because we only need it for night time.

6. What did you like about this item in the function/s you used it for?

* It caught any overnight accidents/leaking and I didnt have to wash the sheets!!!

7. What would you like to see changed about this item?

* I think the product is perfect as it is but next time i might pick one w/a little bit shorter rise because he didnt like it.

8. How much would you be willing to pay for this item once it is out of the testing phase?

* around $20

9. How likely would you be to purchase this item again at regular retail price?

*Depending on cost, and how well it holds up through multiple washes :)

10. Any other comments or thoughts?

* I think its a super cute product and very well thought out! Now I just need to buy one for my daugter! (planning to do so asap! had one custom made!!!)


Here are pics of the trainer on Sage my 6 year old.





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